China visit visa for Pakistani national

China visit visa requirements for Pakistani national

repeat visa ( The people who already visited china )


Fresh Visa  ( The people who never visited china )

China visit visa requirements for Pakistani citizens .

  1. Original Passport

2.  Bank Statement last 6 month

3.  Business covering letter

4. NTN, National Tax Number

5. Chamber of commerce

6. invitation letter from china ( from foreign office )

7. Police clearance certificate


We will arrange the china invitation for visit/business visa.Client should speak English.For first time china

visit/business visa client should appear to embassy one time for finger prints and interview.For repeat china

visit/business visa there is no appearance to embassy.


Top Places to visit in China

There are so many places in china for tourist to visit,we are mentioning some places you should visit when you are in china.


 1-  Great Wall of China 


The iconic symbol of china,the great wall is the longest wall in the world.most of the tourist think,you have not been to china if you have not climbed/visit the great wall of china.

The great china wall was build by Qin Shi took 2000 years.During the construction of great china wall,it cost the live of more then 1 million workers.


 2-  Terracotta Army


If you are thinking to visit china to must include terracotta army museum in you top is located  in Xi’an, in West China’s Shaanxi Province.Now this site of Terracotta army has been turned into a world famous attraction site, bombarded by tons of tourists visiting this museum.terracotta army museum is an indoor attraction,so you do not worry about the effect of weather.

Terracotta Army Museum the must-visit attractions in China,there for it is crowded most of the time.we advise you to avoid the labor day holiday and national day holiday.if you like the crowds and jam-packed places then you must visit in these days.


Embassy of the people,s republic of China in Islamabad Pakistan

Address :  No.1, Zhou-Enlai Avenue, Diplomatic Enclave(Extension), Islamabad, Pakistan

Contact Number :  051-8496178

Email :


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