Tajikistan Visa

Tajikistan Visa

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  Tajikistan visit visa requirements for       


Tajikistan offers two type of visa for Pakistan.One is sticker visa from embassy.

The other is e-visa (Electronic Visa).Requirements for both visas are different.

For each visa requirements please visit their section below or on your lift side.

If someone can not fulfill the requirements for sticker visa it will be better to

apply for Tajikistan E-visa (Electronic Visa).there is no difference between

Tajikistan sticker  visa issue by embassy and E-visa (Electronic Visa).So it is

not compulsory that you should issue sticker visa.

     Tajikistan E-visa (Electronic Visa) 

It is very easy to get the Tajikistan e-visa.Just send us the required documents

through our email address.withing 5 working days you will get the Tajikistan

E-visa.After getting the E-visa you will need to do OK TO BOARD message.

OK TO BOARD message is compulsory before travelling.It is just a message

which will be passed in ticket by airline.There is no need to be worry it is very

easy.You do not need to do any thing.When you will go to issue the ticket from

any agent just ask that agent you need OK TO BOARD message in your ticket

before issuing the ticket. Because it is responsibility of that agent who will issue

the ticket for you.


If you are planing to visit Tajikistan for holidays you should include Uzbekistan

and Azerbaijan in you planing. Because in one ticket you can travel these three

or two countries.

Top places to visit in Tajikistan 

The People of Tajikistan are very friendly and hospitable.they are waiting for you to

make a conversation right their.You can see extraordinary natural beauty in



  • Dushanbe
  • Khujand
  •  Istaravshan
  • Dushanbe
  • Murghab
  • Hisor Fortress
  • Hissor Madrasa museum
  • The Pamir Mountains


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Visa requirements

Tajikistan visit visa requirements for Pakistani

  • Original Passport (Must to valid for at least 6 months)
  • Covering letter from your company
  • 4 Picture
  • Id card copy
  • Invitation letter from Tajikistan
  • Visa application form


These requirements are for Sticker visa from embassy

If you want E-visa then there no requirements.Just visit

the section of E-visa