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Turkey Visa

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Turkey visit visa requirements for Pakistani citizen

Scroll down for all details of turkey visit visa requirements for Pakistani

In this page you can get all information about turkey visit visa requirements for

Pakistani,Turkey Visit visa fee,and Turkish embassy Islamabad Pakistan

address and contact numbers.Pakistani national/Citizen can get stamp visa as well

as E-visa.But there are certain requirements for both  stamp visa and e-visa.For

e-visa details just click on the e-visa section on your left side.the requirements for

both visas are totally different.but remember one thing every Pakistani can not

apply for Turkey E-Visa.all the requirements for turkey stamp visa  is mentioned in

visa requirements section on your left side.

Procedure for turkey visit visa

Once you full fill all the requirements for turkey visit visa.We will prepare your file

in which we will provide the Travel insurance,Hotel booking for visa purpose,Ticket

for visa purpose,Turkish visit visa online form filling,Request letters for turkey

visa.After this client will submit the passport in jerry Within two or tree days.

Fedex will verify your all documents and after that they will forward your case to

embassy.Turkish embassy will take 10 to 12 days for visa decision.Embassy can take

more or less days,it is depending on your case.

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need Hotel in turkey,or ticket for turkey we will mange it for you.If you need any

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Group visa processing 

If you have a group of 10 or more then 10 person then we can submit your passport

directly to Turkish embassy there is no need to come embassy.but if you are

individual or a group of less then 10 person then head of the group or an individual

should submit the passport personally in jerry  fedex.

Top places to visit in Turkey

if you are planing to visit turkey you should keep these places in your top list.

1.Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz

2.Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii)

3.Mount Nemrut


5-Hagia Sofia

6-Grand Bazaar




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Umrah visa + Turkey Transit visa

If you are going to perform the umrah and you buy the ticket of Turkish air ways so

you can get the transit visa of turkey without any embassy fee.Its mean if you have

the umrah visa you can get the transit visa of turkey very easy with out any embassy

fee.but still you have to provide all the mentioned documents for turkey transit visa.


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Country Turkey
Visa requirements


Turkey visit visa requirements for Pakistani citizens .

  • Last Six Months Bank Statement.
  • Business Covering letter .
  • ( NTN ). National Tax Number Certificate Copy
  • Return Air Ticket.
  • Original Passport (Valid 7 Months Minimum).
  • 3 Picture size 35 x 50 ( White Background ).
  • N I C  Copy.
  • Hotel booking
  • Invitation letter from Turkey ( If )
  • Travel insurance
  • Polio Card

O.S Travel & Tour will help you in documentation,If you are a group of

10 person or more then 10 person then we can submit your passport in



Our consultancy charges   8000/- Pkr

We will provide the following services .

1.Turkey Online visa Form Filling

2.Travel Insurence for 10 days

3. Hotel Booking for visa purpose

4.Ticket for visa purpose

5.All request,application,copies etc.

Turkey visit visa embassy fee   10300/- (Client will pay )