Documents Required 

  • Original Passport    { Validity At least 6 Months }
  • 04 Pictures with White Background     {  2 x 2  }
  • CNIC Photo Copy
  • Online Visa Application Form
  • Last Six Month Bank Statement
  • Bank Accounts Maintenance Letter
  • Visa Request Letter
  • NTN  { National Tax No.}  
  • Chamber Of Commerce    ( Optional ) 
  • Tax Returns                         ( Optional )  
  • Return Air Ticket
  • Hotel Booking
  • Travel Insurance
  • Polio Vaccination Card        

                                                            Following Documents ‘ll Be Provided By O.S Travel & Tour   

  • Travel Insurance For  10-15  Days
  • Hotel Booking  { For Visa Purpose }
  • Ticket Booking 
  • Online Visa Application Form Filling 
  • Writing  Request Letter Facility 


Turkey Embassy Fee’s                :           14000 /Pkr

Service Charges                             :          8000 /Pkr

Turkey Visa Total Charges        :          22000 /Pkr

Visa Validity :                                                     3 Months  

Visa Category :                                                   Single Entry

Duration Of Stay :                                             Depends upon Embassy & Your Plan  

Processing Time :                                              15  Working Days

NOTE :  In Case Of  Visa  Refuse / Rejection  Fee and Services Charges Will Not Be Refundable

                                                                                Turkey E-Visa  Requirements 

  • Passport 1st & 2nd Page Scan Copy   { Validity At least 6 Months }                             
  • 01 Pictures with White Background                  {  2 x 2  }
  • CNIC Photo Copy
  • Request Letter Head
  • Last Six Month Bank Statement 
  • Bank Accounts Maintenance Letter  
  • Ticket Booking
  • Hotel  Booking

                                                          Eligibility Of Turkey E-Visa For  Pakistani National 

         The  Pakistani  National / Citizen Who Have Valid Visa Of   USA , UK & Schengen Are Eligible                                     To Apply  Turkey E-Visa  


Visa Validity :                                                     35 Days  

Visa Category :                                                   Double Entry

Duration Of Stay :                                             Each Stay 1 Months 

Processing Time :                                              10 – 15 Working Days

          NOTE : All Documents Required In Scan Copy Through E-Mail. In Case Of  Visa  Refuse / Rejection  Fee                             And Services Charges Will Not Be Refundable

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Singapore Consulate In Karachi , Pakistan

ADDRESS  :   Lakson Square Building, 2 Sarwar Shaheed Road,

                          Karachi-I, Pakistan

EMAIL        :

PHONE       :  001-92-(21) 568-6419 /001-92-(21) 568-5308

FAX              :  001-92-(21) 568-3410 /001-92-(21) 568-4336


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 Is Turkey expensive to visit?

Turkey not expensive for European tourist as compare to asia. Actually its depend upon currency rsate.

Which is the best month to visit Turkey?

In Turkey experience hot summers and cold winters with snow is best for asian but for european it is common feature. Spring and autumn, from April to May and from September to mid November is best time to visit turkey for asian as well as european.

Do the Turkish drink alcohol?

Turkey is islamic country thatswhy , alcohol is forbid in turkey.Some of turkish people would like to enjoy alcohol.But its violation of Islamic faith.So, you can drink alcohol at home not at public place.  

Do they speak English in Turkey?

Unfortunately Turks generally aren’t keen to learn new languages or other foreign languages. a few of  Turkish people can speak english but mostly population speak there own language.Turkish people preferred there culture thats’why, they speak there own language.In public places & services  like getting taxi,bus , rail station and in shopping centers you can face the serious problem in conversation.

Is turkey cheaper than Pakistan & India ?

Pakistan is 53.9% cheaper than Turkey while India is 48.8% cheaper than Turkey.



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