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Educational Consultancy

O.S Educational Consultant provides a complete range of services related to education for students aspiring to study abroad. We have many representative offices across Pakistan and provide consultancy in the field of overseas education in top universities of advance countries including USA, UK, GERMANY, DENMARK, ITALY, SWEDEN, FINLAND, AUSTRALIA, CHINA, IRELAND, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, EUROPEAN CYPRUS, DUBAI & THAILAND . Our service menu in education consultancy includes but not limited to:

Career counseling and providing authentic information on different options available to the student based upon his/her study level and field of interest.

Guidance in preparing documents required for the purpose of application (viz. Statement of Purpose, Essays, Research proposal, details of tests required (e.g. IELTS/TOEFL/BULATS/TOEIC/PTE) and in-house orientation for test preparation.

Compliance of health and medical insurance requirements, as may be applicable.

Foreign exchange assistance, fee remittances and preparation of drafts etc.

Travel planning, ticketing and accommodation assistance.

Pre departure orientation

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